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Enterprise Technology – World Class Service – Unmatched Support 

What We Do

  • Integrate, support, and customize Transtream Shipping Software to suit the needs of any customer.
  • Provide unmatched legacy Pierbridge software support for Agile Elite, TME 1, and TME 2 users.
  • Help users upgrade from their legacy system to Transtream quickly and seamlessly.

How Transtream Shipping Software Works for You

Rating and Routing

Customized rating and routing rules designed to crush delivery commitments, grow ROIs, and keep customers satisfied.

Freight Analytics

Real time data ranging from annual trends to individual shipments. Discover optimization paths and present your findings with intuitive reports.

Multi Carrier Ready

Integration with thousands of carriers and carrier services. The options are limitless when it comes to Parcel, LTL, Regional, and more.

User Configurability

Add carriers, create business rules, upload custom rates, and much more. Transtream software puts the user in control.

Scales to Your Business

Our software is used around the world by companies ranging from family businesses to industry giants. We will build a software package that suites your needs.

World Class Support and Service

Behind any great shipping software is an exceptional team. We work closely with our developers and in-house engineers to provide unmatched customer service.

SHIPrq Named Top 10 Freight Management Solution Provider

SHIPrq has earned the prestigious 2023 Top 10 Freight Management Solution Provider Award from Focus Outlook. Their success has been attributed to an unwavering focus on customer success and a world class Enterprise Services Team.

SHIPrq Saves the Day for Global Pharma Distributor

Learn how SHIPrq helped a giant pharma distributer avoid an operational disaster by implementing advanced software customizations before a rapidly approaching deadline.


Case Studies

SHIPrq Rejuvinates Enterprise Shipping Integration for Luxury Brand Holdings

Read the personal account of a major representative at Luxury Brand Holdings which describes the remarkable improvement they experienced after signing up with SHIPrq.

SHIPrq Transforms Operations for Leading Automotive Manufacturer

One of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world relies on SHIPrq for their end-to-end Enterprise shipping software support and professional services. Here’s why:

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       Agile Elite, TME 1, and SendSuite Live Software Users:


If you have Agile Elite, TME 1, or SendSuite Live SHIPrq can support you in 2024 and offer an extension beyond the 12/31/23 sunset date.

We also have an upgrade path to Transtream, which utilizes a large portion of your existing legacy system and requires far less effort than migrating to other software.

Contact SHIPrq to discuss the sunset extension and upgrade process.

*SHIPrq doesn’t claim ownership of the product branding/rebranding known as “Agile Elite”, “TME 1”, “TME 2”, “SendSuite Live”, and has no affiliation with the companies that own the rights to these names.